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Trim. It's like putting on dress clothes.

Interior trim is what makes a house look fashionable and put together. Before being trimmed out, it looks like a construction project -- afterwards it looks like a home. Interior trim includes baseboards, moulding, window casings, transoms, and so much more!

Our project at 66 Rybury is all "trimmed out" and we are in the final phase -- kitchen install, painting, and knocking off the laundry list of items that need to come together before completion.

Over at 30 Longacre road, we are a few weeks behind Rybury. The moulding, trim, doors, etc. has been delivered and we should start work on that after the holidays!

We work with some extremely talented finish carpenters. Check out this picture of the double stacked mantle they built! A single mantle is typical, but we find at doing a double stacked mantle really dresses up the family room. That and the coffer ceiling are just a few touches elevate our homes.


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